my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

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Jono Slack
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Re: my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

Irakly Shanidze wrote:

Jono, I know, when the light is there, peak focusing is wonderful. it just so happens that most of my pictures are shot when the light is somewhere else

Well, to be honest, I almost prefer it in low light - there always seem to be enough sparkles to focus, whereas in high contrast scenes there can be too much to be able to see the image properly.

I don't think it's any substitute for a rangefinder on an M9, and it's certainly not going to replace mine . . . but it DOES work, and it works well - I shot a New years Eve party in dreadful lighting with the NEX7 and the 50 'lux - focusing was not a problem (the light, and the amount I'd drunk were more of an issue!).

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