Help me decide! Nikon P7100 or Sony NEX 5N

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Fill Flash Consideration

If you want the best image quality, Sony Nex wins. If you are travelling alone and are taking pictures without anyone you know in them, it's the way to go.

Lots of people in my astronomy club have and love Sony NEX cameras because of their APS DSLR sensors.

That said, I travel with my wife and take pictures of her and she takes pictures of me. About a third of the time, we use our cameras' flash for fill flash in order to get a good picture. On the P7100 it is easy - just push a button. Whereas on the NEX you have to attach the included flash. If you leave it on all the time, the camera is bulkier, and you may damage it. We just wouldn't get as good shots with the NEX for the sort of shots we take, unless we were willing to do a lot of mucking around taking that flash unit on and off all the time.

So the choice is between,

NEX 5N - better Image Quality than P7100, but bulkier and with the fiddly flash unit vs

P7100 - pretty much the best image quality you can get out of a compact camera sensor, less bulky, and an always ready fill flash capability.

And if you buy the accessory lens for the NEX that gives approximately the same focal length range as the P7100, then you won't have a compact type camera anymore, as that lens is fairly bulky.

The alternative would be a compromise between these two - a micro 4/3s camera which had an included fixed flash unit.

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