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Re: It isn't so

you didn't read anything I wrote

and your answers make no sense

VladimirV wrote:

harold1968 wrote:

If you try the Ricoh GXR or Sony NEX cameras with their focus peaking system you will see that the RF is not that precise as you think.

yes it is

No it isn't!
This is not really an answer is it?

there is no problem with focusing at distances rated

So there are no parallax problems with a RF at close distances and you can focus just fine under 0.7m? You must have a different RF camera than the ones I have seen.

you are obviously not acquainted with most of the market

Yes I am (just to follow on from your style of replying).


Of course, how could a M9 ever have any compromises, it is perfect.

Its funny how people who can't afford or use FF and smaller argue that the DOF is the same as FF where it clearly is not.

While I can afford a FF camera, I don't need to since I can use a simple tool like this to find out:

This is one of the most important creative controls.

Isn't the most important creative control the framing and you really think having less DOF will be a good thing for 99% of shots while travelling?

I don't suffer this problem. I clearly say I would like a S2 but can't afford it. Nevertheless it is not as good a travel camera as the M9

Of course it's not as good as the M9, nothing is really. The M9 is above everything else, at least until the M10 comes out.

You are obviously trying to reverse justify a ricoh.
It is a fine camera, just live with what you have.

I am not trying to justify anything, I am trying to have a discussion and understand more about the M9 and the people using it.

So far I have learned that it is perfect and has no flaws and any problems related to the RF do not apply to it.

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