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Re: not a competitor, but

Artichoke wrote:

sunhorse wrote:

I didn't see anything to indicate it would have an M mount. Engadget also noted that it probably won't be FF. So, not an M9 competitor if that is the case.

Fujifilm is a very innovative company that understands light capture
should be interesting to see what this pretty body will be packing

a bit OT, but the thread referenced by the OP has contributions that put down Leica users, with Dan Nikon raising his level of vituperative-osity

Sorry if it seemed that I was "putting down Leica users" in the Fuji X100 thread. I did mean to kinda "put down" Leica themselves, for charging ridiculous sums of money for any of their digital cameras (even ones that they didn't even produce) by refusing to include many of the basic, modern features many lesser cameras have by default like: a high resolution rear LCD, or live view, or better ISO performance and speed..etc.

Whether it's coming from Fuji, or Olympus, or Sony, or whomever -- Leica's current digital cameras are getting trumped in nearly every parameter that counts for the majority of photographers right now - most importantly - in the value-to-performance arena - where Leica will probably never be able to favorably compete.

Granted, the Fuji X100 has numerous flaws (mostly with it's interface layout), but it still comfortably trounces Leica's own fixed-lens X1 in every single area (IMO) - except for sporting a prominent red dot - and it sells for nearly 50% less than the X1. I expect that the new X1 Pro from Fuji to completely crush the X1 and probably even exceed the M9 in overall IQ, features and performance. It may not have an M-mount so that many of Leica's superlative lenses could be utilized on a superior platform, but if the X100 is any marker of it's eventual quality - and Fuji manages to keep the total cost (with one, or two lenses) at less than 2-2.5K, -- what's left as a actual incentive for any potential M9 buyer - if they have to spend up to 3x as much for a higher-end, high quality compact camera - unless they already have a selection of M-mount lenses?

What Fujifilm, and Sony (with it's NX line) are clearly, and successfully displaying is the reality that anyone can now own a state-of-the-art, DSLR-like quality, features and performance compact digital camera - and do so at a reasonable cost. And that is what many of us photographic enthusiast have been clamoring for since the dawn of the digital camera era. High quality, compact, versatile, and AFFORDABLE!

Either Leica adapts to this new landscape, or they could very well end-up going the way of their current M9 sensor manufacturer -Kodak.....

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