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Re: It isn't so

VladimirV wrote:

Not that I expect much from Fuji after they messed up the firmware of both the X10 and X100 cameras but I expect more from them than from Leica who either re-badge Panasonic cameras or rehash the same old thing without even trying something new. The S2 is an exception and while it's nice it's not interesting for the majority of people.

Leica M cameras are not for the majority of people either. It is for people who find its ergonomics fitting their shooting style and who know how to make the most of what rangefinder design can offer.

As for the S2, I wouldn't call it uninteresting for the majority of people. It is interesting indeed, however, there are reason why this interest cannot be satisfied, or justified by the majority that you mentioned.

Why is the RF mechanism so important? It has a lot of problems with close focusing, telephoto lenses, needs to be calibrated properly, can't deal with lenses which are not RF coupled, have focus shift and the list goes on. Next to the fact that it's impossible to accurately frame with it.

The importance of RF is in its performance in low light. So far there is no electronic system that can come even close to the coincidental rangefinder in conditions like f/1.4, 1/15 sec, ISO1000.

As to close focusing, yes, parallax is there. So there is a technique to deal with it. Why aren't you concerned about, for example, a problem of incorrect DOF with through-the-lens focusing? Of course, there is a technique to deal with it too. So, my point is, there are certain dangers involved in eating both plums and oranges, and avoiding them requires specific knowledge and skills. Knowing that oranges need to be peeled before eating won't prevent you from choking on a plum pit if you were not informed about such a possibility.

Now, about accuracy of framing. First of all, see above. Secondly, do you know that most SLRs do not provide a 100% frame view?

As for the lens range, Fuji could simply release an adapter to mount M lenses on it like you can do on the NEX cameras or the Ricoh GXR even without an adapter.

Could have, should have... Subjunctive mood is a powerful thing

Why buy a M9 when it's mostly about the lenses which work on other cameras with less compromises?

Give me a small full-frame camera with manual controls, capable of fast and precise low-light focusing and handheld exposures on slow shutter speeds, and I will buy it. Oh, almost forgot: film-like grain please.

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