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harold1968 wrote:

The M9 is completely new. The RF is the most precise focusing system and is a reason for buying it.

If you try the Ricoh GXR or Sony NEX cameras with their focus peaking system you will see that the RF is not that precise as you think.

What you said is like accusing British Airways of re-hashing the old thing as they still use planes and haven't tried balloons for short-haul

Oh, I am accusing Airbus, Boeing and the rest for standing still and not moving ahead with their planes, we had the Concorde in the 80's and it allowed for very fast travel, now we have huge planes like the A320 but they have not improved on anything, not on time nor actual space for each passenger . So yeah, I don't like companies who stand still and not innovate or move their technology ahead.

There is no problem with close focusing. You just can't close focus below whatever the lens is rated at.

So you dispute that there is parallax or you need special close up 'glasses' for lenses which can focus below 0.7m?

The M9 no good for some things and unsurpassed for others, what else is new!

What is it unsurpassed for? For being one of the most expensive cameras on the market?

The framing is second nature to me and believe 99% of users.

Whether it is 2nd nature or not is irrelevant since you and all others will have to agree that the frame lines are simply not very accurate. Knowing by how much they are is simply working around the problem but it does not make it ok.

The M9 is a no compromise travel camera and small studio/fine art camera.

Every camera has compromises and I highly doubt the M9 is a no compromise travel camera since you compromise on taking macro shots, telephoto shots, shots in rain or under water and so on. Since travel can include any or all of these things it has compromises, don't you think?

M lenses on other cameras don't have the focus system and furthermore no M lens works on another electronic FF camera, so buying a summilux and loosing 33% of DOF control is a waste

M lenses on other cameras have other focus systems which are superior in some ways, like focusing and composing a 90mm or 135mm M lens for example or a lens under 21mm without the need for an external finder just to name a few.

As for the DOF, it stays mostly the same on a APS camera, the FOV is just less.

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