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jeff hladun
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Re: It isn't so

VladimirV wrote:

Why is the RF mechanism so important?

Vladimir, the rangefinder is of utmost importance when shooting on the street as it allows the quickest route to visually frame a composition. The photographer sees outside the framelines and can move his camera to the area of optimal visual impact. When the lens is set on a particular zone of focus beforehand, the time spent focusing is simply zero; in other words much faster than any autofocus system.

With a rangefinder, all that needs to be done is know where to plant your feet, and when to press the shutter - if there is some sort of planning done first. If street photography isn't of much interest to you, then the rangefinder approach can be bested with other systems. If spontaneous photography is of interest to you, then nothing beats using a rangefinder with Depth-of-Field marked manual focus lenses.

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