my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

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Re: my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

monoblocks wrote:

And I would believe that people will take up more and more used Leica lenses with their mirrorless camera but leave behind the VERY expensive Leica camera bodies.

This I can easily see but there will always be people who want a Leica just for the red dot and because of the history. Then again, I wonder how much longer people can justify spending 5-10x more just for the Leica badge and to get a more limited body compared with the alternatives.

The price of lens will go up but price of camera body will come off as their sensors will be outdated.

This is exactly it, lenses are he main thing to keep, electronics fail and are outdated sooner than one thinks but you can keep and use M lenses on a whole host of cameras (film and digital).

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