Say it Isn't So!!!!

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It isn't so

If Fuji made a brass and magnesium camera with a true RF mechanism and a lens range of Leica quality I would be interested, but I doubt it.
And if they did, it wouldn't be far off the Leica price anyway.

I expect they will come out with an APS-C system, heavily eletronically focused and with a great, but not outstanding lens range.

If its FF I will be more interested.

But remember that the great thing about the M9, as well as the quality and the lenses, is the work flow. Its love or hate, but if you love it, there is no going back to another camera for many things.

Talking about lenses, the 50mm Summilux ASPH is worth just buying an M9 for ...

stevielee wrote:

Don't look now, but the Leica may just have to contend with another digital interchangeable "rangefinder" camera that will also most likely accept M-Mount lenses for less than 2K US$.

How will the Red Dot Company respond if the rumors are true and FujiFilm releases a camera that trumps the M9 every which way to sunday for less than 1/3 it's price?

Leica just may have their first, direct competitor to it's M series rangefinders. Up until now, they have gotten away with charging 7-8K for a camera that used to be the only real digital rangefinder game in town...But it looks like the gameboard are about to radically change for Leica when Fuji announces it new X1 Pro "mirrorless" digital rangefinder.

Let the new Fuji M-Mount games begin.....

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