NX200 time lapse video

Started Jan 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
pitraks Regular Member • Posts: 122
Re: NX200 time lapse video

Ariston wrote:

you won't see that happening on the NX200. that is the limitation of present cameras with video capability. there is no workaround with sensor overheating as of the moment. same with other cameras.

So this is a common limitation for mirrorless interchangeable systems? M43, NEX, NX, V1 all can't do timelapse and/or connect to a computer for live viewing and control?

I don't really see the relation with overheating, is there a simple explanation for this? To me it seems like with video and/or live view the sensor is 'active' all the time. So what's the difference? You cannot make it live at full resolution all the time?

Thanks for you insights!

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