Anyone try to use cmount lenses on a V1/J1??

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Re: Anyone try to use cmount lenses on a V1/J1??

Neil Morgan wrote:


Unlike the pentax Q which has a 1/3inch sensor the nikon1 requires a larger image circle and therefore 90% of c-mount lenses will be ineffective as they are designed for CCTV cameras with either 1/3inch or 1/2inch sensors are most lenses are not megapixel resolution anyhow up until recently.

Not all C-Mount lenses are CCTV lenses. There are some excellent cine lenses that where made for 16mm Bolex movie cameras. Many of these, like the Kern Switar, SOM Berthiot Cinor, have very fast apertures, and more than cover the 16mm IC that the Nikon 1 requires.

Here is a very nice list of lenses, many of which are available on the big auction site:

I bought a SOM Berthiot Cinor 25 1.8 and a Wollensak Raptar 1" 1.9 that I've been using on my GH2. The Cinor vignettes, but is an excellent lens. Waiting for the Raptar, but it reportedly covers m43. Both these lenses will cover my J1 sensor easily. The only drag will be focussing as curiously, Nikon left off a simple 1:1 magnifier or peaking function for anything but native lenses. A HDMI field monitor or LCD Loupe like the LCDVF would aid focussing. One thing about Cine lenses is the engraved distance markings make it easy to set focus on the lens. The hard part is knowing exactly how far away your subject is.

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