Stuck with the dreaded Canon 9500 mk2 magenta cast issue..

Started Jan 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Stuck with the dreaded Canon 9500 mk2 magenta cast issue..

I have searched online and found a number of people complaining about a magenta cast in their photos (some hits here, even).

I am attempting 4x6" using the Canon Plus Glossy II paper. I am mostly trying printing out of Lightroom 3.6, but have also tried Easy Photo Print Pro from LR, as well as Photoshop CS5. Same problem in all.

The photo I'm trying for all of these / using as my reference is this shot from the inside of a church in Fuzine, Crotia:

The yellow covering most of the walls is not yellow at all in the print...magenta big time.

The threads focused on two possible avenues:

  1. Clogged nozzles

I thought this could be it, as I have used this printer very little since buying it in early 2010 as part of my 7D purchase. For little 4x6 prints for frames around the house, I just use the HP L7650 Pro MFP. I printed a few times with the 9500 after getting it, trying it out (and I recall it working fine then)...but trying now (with complete non-use inbetween) I'm having this problem.

I have done probably 4 cleaning cycles and 2 deep cleans. No improvement in the magenta cast, although it did seem like there was some clogging: it wasn't until actually the last or second to last cleaning that the nozzle check grid was completely uniform/free of banding.

Doing all of this sure burns up the ink, though; kind of sucks to be down to half a tank for some colors when I've only printed a handful of prints ever on this thing.

  1. Double correction of colors

Many people mentioned that you could have this issue when trying to have LR/PS/etc. manage colors AND having printer driver color management also enabled. I have tried so many combinations at this point that it seems pretty exhaustive..and with some variation in how magenta the prints are, but all are magenta (I never get yellow on the church walls, just more or less extreme magenta).

I was given a Spyder 3 Pro for Christmas, and used that halfway through this saga. No real help with this particular issue.

I've tried printing via all of the above printing applications (LR/PS/EPP), and tried having color management set to Auto (I think this would result in double correction, as I think auto means driver managed?), ICC, and None. I've tried both the regular and the XPS driver for all of the above combinations as well (which driver is 'better' preferred?).

Any suggestions? If I have a case of one or more cartridges being hosed from so long of a period of inactivity, then I am not completely averse to just ordering a new value pack and swapping in all new cartridges to get back to the desired output (heck, my cartridges are down a good chunk of ink in any case at this point). I'm loathe to just blindly order and replace them, though, if this ends up being some sort of color management or other software issue...swapping in all fresh cartridges and having this problem remain would be so incredibly frustrating.

Canon EOS 7D
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