Learned About sRGB and Adobe RGB - Feel Like Shooting Myself

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Petruska wrote:

you need as stated above by others, a calibrated monitor and a color managed browser such as FireFox and even then all sites don't adhere to the color standards, plus all your viewers need the same, calibrated monitor, color managed browser, etc.

A lot of photo critiquing on this site for wrong colors is in error if the viewer is using a non-color managed browser such as Internet Explorer.

I agree with you that there should be quick new standards for all hardware and software to get all this color management under control.

Bob P.

....basically, as long as you use sRGB for your web display. With aRGB you will get washed out images in all but color-aware applications - which rules out the great majority - and it sounds as if you have been posting some aRGB images.

aRGB and larger gamut color spaces such as ProPhotoRGB were designed primarily for printing applications. At this stage of the game, with your great frustration, I would stick to sRGB, where you can essentially forget about color management issues, assuming a calibrated monitor.

As you are concerned about printing in the future, by all means shoot both in JPG (sRGB) for the web, and RAW for the utmost flexibility in future printing, whose files can be saved in any color space and format you choose when developed - 16-bit ProPhoto is my choice, saved as TIF's.


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