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Re: For those who have a GX1...or not! :)

I agree. I just can't see the value of the GX-1 with current pricing. Add the EV-F option and you are double the price of the G3. I like the look of the GX-1, butr G3 pricing at the moment is very good. I was all set to get a NEX-7, but at nearly 2.5x the price and a lousy lens line-up I think I get the G3 and use that for a year or so and see what 2012/2013 brings.

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G3 has fixed evf which is not what many people want. GX1 offers a much better swivel EVF as an option. It is far more flexible.

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Let me begin by saying I was really disappointed by the GX1 preview on two missing items. I really expected a built-in EVF and an articulated LCD. Those two things really put me off.

That camera is called the G3. Same upgraded sensor as the GX1, etc. But you can afford the accessory EVF by selling your children into slavery.

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Being in the market for a new camera I have to admit that I can't get my head around this 'dilemma' either. The G3 has a swivel screen so does not need a swivel VF. Most people seem to want to add the eVF to the GX1 which makes it both larger and much more expensive. Same sensor with everything one could probably want in the G3 and it is cheaper! I think its the small form factor that attracts people but at what cost?


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