Problem: XR-7 mirror locked up

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Re: Problem: XR-7 mirror locked up

basicflair wrote:

Okay, well...this keeps getting more interesting.

I removed the bottom plate and re-cocked the shutter. BAM! Mirror pops down. Super easy, super sweet

Being the glutton I am, I decide to try it again. Unfortunately, this time, the mirror stayed up...again. I repeated my previous steps to re-cock the shutter and now the mirror won't come down at all (on its own, anyway, I can still lower physically lower it but it does not lock). I can hear a spring in the body when it's re-cocked, as if it knows it should be popping the mirror back down, but the mirror stays up instead.

Grrr. Any advise?

Keep at it - these old bodies are pretty cheap these days. Sounds like something is sticking somewhere, maybe not the rubber. Maybe a return latch spring has fallen off.

In the meantime ten cheap disassembled bodies in parts around the bench and you should be able to write a new intelligible manual and be in the camera repair business as well as accumulating a whole lot of spare parts.

I had the same problem pulling old legacy lenses apart and fixing them. They still leave me tense and hyper-ventilating. But with every lens destroyed (?) I learn a bit. Sometime in the future I should be able to do this without needing "instructions" but meantime those flea-sized screws are so easy to lose and so easy to break.

Hah! .... and don't get me going on getting the helical coil threads matched up correctly ....

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