Canon 5D Mark II's dying in Antarctica (again)

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Re: Canon 5D Mark II's dying in Antarctica (again)

The photographer should have done better research, It's been known for years the 5D's and 5D MkII simply can't handle the extreme cold due to weather sealing or lack thereof.

Simple searches yield the following, it seems Nikon's have better weather sealing.

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There were 5 Nikon users on the trip, with various bodies – mostly D200's. There were no reports of any Nikon problems or failures.



In a summary session on the last day at the Peninsula I asked everyone to report on any equipment failures. Here's the tally.

The top LCD on a 5D MKII spontaneously cracked; Another 5D MKII had a jambed on lens caused by a loose screw, a 1Ds MKIII reported intermittent problems; a 1D MKIII kept reporting Error 99; one Hasselblad reported electronic lens connection problems; two Canon G9's failed (no G10s had any reported problems), and a Nikon 80-400mm lens came apart. No Nikon bodies (mostly D700s) failed in any way.


25% failure rate with 5DMk2's in Antarctica
Stephen Asprey , Feb 07, 2009; 03:47 a.m.

I was about to order a new 5DMk2 when I came across this recent editors essay on his recent group trip to Antarctica: ;The numbers of Canon to Nikon was 2:1. There were no failures with any Nikon gear. Now I am getting cold feet. Has anyone found poor weather sealing causing failures with their Mk2's, like these guys did?

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