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batchelor22 wrote:

I was recently ready to upgrade my 7D to a 5D2 with the current pricing being so good. After reading a lot of discussion on this forum, I have realized that like many of us, I need to improve my photography skills with the equipment I currently have rather than seeking out new equipment. Thanks to all in this discussion group for saving me money. it is usually quite the opposite!

Yeah, people are way too obsessed about equipment and pixel peeping here, at the expense of developing their skills. Good for you on your decision. Personally, I think every photographer starting out should have to spend a year shooting with something like a Rebel DSLR...for at least an entire year, trying to become the best photographer they can be and producing the best images possible with that entry-level camera...before being allowed to upgrade. That would do a lot for people's skills. And they would realize that it isn't all about the equipment. I remember seeing a photo of Annie Leibovitz doing a shoot with just an entry-level Nikon DSLR. Some of the best photos in the world were shot on equipment inferior (in terms of specs and image sensor quality) to your 7D. At this point, spend money on lenses, if you're going to spend money. And shoot a LOT. Back in the film days, I would be telling you to spend money on film/processing, film/processing, film/processing, and shoot a LOT. Fortunately, we no longer have to deal with that expense!

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