Learned About sRGB and Adobe RGB - Feel Like Shooting Myself

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Re: Learned About sRGB and Adobe RGB - Feel Like Shooting Myself

MattMurph wrote:

This all reminds me of what practically every stoner has said in their life. "What if my red, is your blue?" Or something like that.

hah, actually i've long wondered about questions like that

i mean how do you describe a color, there is no way to describe what red or blue or green look like or what sweet our sour taste like etc.

the way people often react in similar ways to colors makes you think most people see red as what others see as red but how do we really know? maybe people evolved to like certain frequencies and combos no matter how they actually see them

and then many people do have some form of color blindness and certainly see colors radically different from others for sure

on a semi-related issse they also they say people have slightyl different resposnses to spectral spikes and since different monitors may have the primaries spiking differently if they use different tech and/or materials even if a probe says they show the same color, people may not, in fact a probe can say a standard gamut monitor and wide gamut show the same thing and that a real life chart under proper color temperture lighting shows the same and yet to most people all three will look slightly different and even person to person the differeces each see will be slighly different, so they say the 3 prinary color management system is actually soemwhat flawed and only a full spectrum based approach would truly work

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