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On the reverence for the 85mm prime

jwvgoethe wrote:

the 85mm prime ... why the reverence for this lens?

If anyone anywhere asked for a good portrait lens for their new camera, the 85 1.8 was the one to be recommended.

It's rivals, the 100 f2 and 135 f2.8, are more expensive, whilst the nifty fifty is a little short, on a full frame camera, for pointy-nosed Europeans. It's relatively cheap and for full frame it's an excellent focal length for flattering portraits (shorter focal lengths will accentuate big noses etc too much) whilst the f1.8 combined with the relatively long focal length will enable one to blur out a distracting background. It's also relatively cheap. On a crop it's still a good focal length for portraits (136mm). Finally it's sharp, and also relatively cheap.

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