Why use long lenses of the V1/FT-1, a few answers

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Why use long lenses of the V1/FT-1, a few answers

We have seen on this forum people who question why you would put a longer lens on the V1 using the FT-1. Here are a few images that give an idea why.

For the past 6 years my wife and I have been full time freelance wildlife photographers. Our normal gear is 3 x D700, 1xD2Xs and a D300s. lenses used are Nikon AF-S 70-200 f2.8VR11, Sigma EX DG 70-200 f2.8, Sigma 150-500 HSM OS, Nikon AF-S 300 f2.8G VR, Sigma 500mm f4.5 EX HSM, and a Sigma EX DG 800mm f5.6. Together with 4 CF tripods, Wimberley and ARCA ball heads. I’ll leave you to work out the weight but all this gear is transported over hill and dale using two EKLA Beachrolly pneumatic wheeled trollies.

For some tasks the V1+FT-1 is the answer to our prayers for example with the 70-200 f2.8 we now have the FOV 190-540 with f2.8 max aperture. with the same lens with the TC-20E111 we now get a FOV 0f 1080. used on the 300 f2.8 with the TC20-E111 we stretch to 1620mm and on the 800mm to 2160. The first two combinations can be carried around all day without problems or the need for tripods.

So are these combinations usable? They most certainly are and with excellent focussing speeds.

The shots of the cormorants and black headed gull (winter plumage) were taken from a moving boat, hand held at an effective focal length between 1026mm and 1080mm to get an equivalent FOV I would have had to use the 800mm on one of the crop cameras, the boat would probably have overturned with the weight and I certainly couldn’t have hand held it!!!!!

The first picture of the girl was taken in a large eating area with the kit 30-100, the second with the 70-200VR. To get the same image on the D700 I would have had to use the 500mm lens or the 300 f2.8 with the TC 1.7E11. I don’t think either of the later would have been discrete!!!!.

So what about DOF and Bokeh. The first image of the Meerkat was taken with the kit lens at 110mm at full aperture. A pretty good image with the background pretty well blurred, The second image with a similar FOV was taken with the 70-200 f2.8 at full aperture, background now barely recognisable. the last picture taken at 200mm at full aperture blows the background completely. All were taken from the same point

Finally how good is the 300f2.8 + TC 20E11+ FT1 +V1 This shot shows the view from our window taken with a FOV equivalent to 50mm full frame, the little square under the M is the FOV equivalent to 1620 (32x magnification), the next frame shows the shot with the 300 + converter and the last image is a 100% crop. Now I know they are not perfect but note the shutter speed 1/6 sec. the word noon is 4mm high and the shot was taken at a distance of 789 feet (240m). I use this post box as a standard test and even in this awful light the result is better than any of the other gear can achieve in ideal conditions.

There are more shots taken with the V1 in my galleries if anyone is interested


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