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Re: Olympus Pen E-P3 User Guides

Hi David,

I read several pages of your ep2 guide on amazon look inside" and liked it. Any thoughts at this point about a new ep3 book? It seems to be selling well.
Thanks, Eric

digital4dummies.com wrote:

The problem is that people want to see a book on their camera only, and the readers lost from trying to combine coverage aren't made up by the additional readers who have the other cameras. It seems to work best when the controls, features, and menus are virtually identical; my Sony NEX-5/NEX3 book sold very well, my Nikon D3x/D3s book not so much (although there are fewer of those Nikon owners who need instruction, of course.)

I'm looking at the E-P3 right now, and if sales are good for that camera, a book might be possible.


453C wrote:

David, thanks for the comments. Since the PENs are fairly common in operation, do you think a book written for a generational grouping would work? A single book covering the E-PM1, E-PL3, and E-P3 would have a wider audience and might sell better.

digital4dummies.com wrote:

Availability of 3rd party books depends largely on how much of an audience there is for those books. PEN E-P2 books sold very, very poorly, so publishers thought twice about any followups. The E-P3 is back in the spirit of the E-P2, so they may re-think. On the other hand, NEX-5/NEX-3 books sold extremely well. I know of one NEX-5N book that will be available before the end of this month.


Kschles wrote:

I think you have to give it a little time before you start seeing the 3rd party books. A quick check of Amazon shows there aren't any E-P3, G3, or Nex-5n books out - yet. I'm sure they will come eventually.
Ken S

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