1D mkIII vs. Sony SLT a77

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Re: 1D mkIII vs. Sony SLT a77

GiovanniB wrote:

Per Inge Oestmoen wrote:

Time and again I have seen how older "pro" grade cameras turn out to be superior to new models in several if not necessarily all ways. I do not say that it is feasible to make enlargements with files from the 1D III up to the size possible with the A77. But that only means that the number of pixels is another factor coming into the equation when one makes enlargements. If we are talking about the pixel quality, I strongly doubt that the Sony is better.

Well regarding pixel quality, of course larger photosites combined with high quality lenses are helpful. However up to a certain pixel density, at least at low ISO settings you will not be able to distinguish from the result between images taken with a low-cost consumer DSLR and a "pro tool" like the 1D series, provided both have the same resolution - and 10 MP isn's something that would be too much for any APS-C DSLR with reasonable optics. There are differences of course - but these affect primarily handling, weather sealing, as well as AF and burst performance.

  • Add higher battery capacity, more durable mechanism and better metering.

Yes, I fully agree with the above statements.

The ways in which a "pro"grade camera are superior are important enough, but if we are talking about photographying at low ISO, decent lighting and not too demanding conditions basically all DSLR's available today will do the job and deliver results that nobody can complain about. Also, the importance of quality optics must be stressed - even a high end camera cannot compensate for mediocre optics.

Per Inge Oestmoen, Norway

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