F4 much faster focus than D700/D3x. Why ?

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Re: F4 much faster focus than D700/D3x. Why ?

Wojciech Sawicki wrote:

It's not just the F5. The D1, D1H and D1X as well are faster with screw-drive AF lenses than D2 and onwards. The difference is quite pronounced, the F5/D1 AF motors were brutal and you could sometimes feel the torque trying to twist your hand as you held the camera. Sort of like a muscle car engine twisting the whole car sideways as you rev it.

I've stripped the plastic gears inside a Vivitar Series 1 100-400mm zoom lens when I've put it on my first D1.

Robert Daniels wrote:

This is soooo true as I have a Nikon F5 and I can honestly tell you with out a shadow of a doubt the F5 is faster than my D300 and D700. The speed which it focuses is ridiculous maybe Nikon will take this into consideration when introducing the D4.

I've also heard a lot of first-hand stories about people crushing the gears inside 50/1.8D Nikkors when mounting them on F5 bodies, especially new ones with fresh batteries. NONE of today's cameras focuses as fast in AF-S mode as F5 (and D1 series) did. None. Period.

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