my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

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Re: my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

I start my Leica usage way back with a screw mount, I recall way back in the early 80's I was then, looking for a good solid top end body that can stand the abuse of my outdoor field work ( hiking, cycling, but no real X-sport ). I recall then the Leica M4-P or might be its the M4-2 is at the time body only 30% to 50% more than the like of top end body from Nikon ( then the F3 ). And I look at the lens availability as well as what the camera brings. I had to say to myself, well the Leica is good craftsmanship, but its hardly the best CAMERA.

This goes since as Leica been on the way of branding and pricing themselves out of real equipment market. instead the camera , especially the M is no more than brand and niche.

I had in the past relay that the M can easily be evolved to adopt the AF, mirrorless, liveview and even AF without even needing to take away the old mechanical M mount ( Nikon and Pentax current SLR still using mechanically the same mount as they first introduce their bayonet )

And speaking of it, I never think of the other brand as cheap, they are just priced more accordingly to market. Lens also. good price bring good optics. Leica lens is no different than others, and coming from a multiple system, multiple format usage background. I never get to worship the Leica namesake.

The recent Leica sale of their 44% share yet to raise more capital ( they of course put it in a more politically correct wording ) is yet another way of telling how iunsecure they see themselves in the longer term. I humbly believe Leica need to go back to the drawing table and rethinkl their current business. They might be making money, but there is not a healthy long term viability in the whole thing and lacks direction to go forth into the new imaging realm and long term profitability to support the R&D as well as all the misc ....

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