my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

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Re: my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

Irakly Shanidze wrote:

how does it do in low light?

I presume you mean the GXR-M?

It works fine down to the point where the viewfinder becomes too dark to see anything with. The GXR-M viewfinder does not "amp up" and become sluggish in low light, it simply gets dark when the light is too low for the sensor to keep the screen bright with a fixed refresh rate.

Compared to my M4-2, the one thing the optical RF can do in very low light that the GXR-M cannot is find a miniscule point of light or reflection in a scene and make them coincide. Of course, with either camera, at that point I'm generally just estimating distance and setting focus by the scale on the lens ... !

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