my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

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Re: my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

Peter Nelson wrote:

One question. With focus peaking do you find yourself still looking at the subject or are you looking at the colered outlines indicating what's in focus for the majority of your shots?

Like any other focusing aid (including a rangefinder), focus peaking can occasionally become distracting. Just like with my film SLRs, I tend to prefer learning how to focus by just looking at a plain image field.

At first when I had the GXR-M, I over-used the focus assist and magnification. I found my focusing consistency dropped.

Since then, I've spent time learning how to focus the GXR-M without either magnification or focus assist. It gets tricky with the 21 and 28 mm lenses, like with any wide angle, but is pretty easy with 35mm and longer. Now I use magnification to spot check focus on a critical shot only, and focus assist (mode 2) to help with focusing in low light. With the 90mm and longer lenses, I don't use any magnification anymore.

Yes, like you I most often prefer manual focus over AF. I seem to consistently get more accurately focused images and it is less in the way, less distracting, when I'm shooting.

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