Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

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Eizo best, NEC PA close for half the price then the rest starting with asus246

CBEV Media wrote:

Any thoughts on the best IPS monitor for photo editing on a PC?

I looked at the DEll U2711 at around £600 but people have said the anti glare coating introduces noise on photos and isn't suitable.

Any others I should look at?

Also is it better to have one larger say 27" monitor, or two 2 smaller say 24" side by side in a dual screen setup?

sadly all the good one have the AG coating

Eizo is probably best but you can get close for half the price with NEC PA series. Definitely worse but not bad is the ASUS246 for about 40-70% of the NEC depending what deals you find and where you live.

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