The use of misleading information in Challenge of Challenges 2011

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Re: You don't seem to know what you're talking about

ljfinger wrote:

Lext123 wrote:

This is not a picture, but a compound graphic design. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but don’t try give the viewer the impression that this was a real shot. The provided photographic settings: exposure time: 25200 seconds / f3.4 / ISO 800 would have resulted in TOTALLY white overexposed picture.

Just because you don't understand stacking doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the image - or the technique.

Another doubtful thing is the use of a Fisheye lens. This lens would give us a curvy, distorted image and sees 180 degrees from corner to corner diagonally. The submitted picture does not show this characteristics by far.

Wrong. Here's a full-frame fisheye image, not de-fished. You should learn how fisheye lenses work.

LOL! Excellent

Furthermore, why do we see the harbor lights reflecting from the water, but the reflection of the sky is completely missing? And finally, the color diversity of the starts is far overdone.

Again, you should learn about stacking. It's so common in astrophotography that you can hardly find an image that doesn't use the technique. For example, essentially 100% of all the Hubble images are multiple-exposure stacks (the one's that aren't you wouldn't really recognize as photos).

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