Post an M43 photo you are proud of and tell us why.

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Well, a little embarrassing

A little embarrassing this one.

After 42 years of macro I decided to try my hand at birds (feathered of course) and not having a clue what I was getting into, but needed a break from macro. So bought the G2 and a couple of long fast legacy lenses. Oh yeah here we go another mountain to climb in the learning curve huh :). So a ton of learning to go yet and that will never stop.

So whats so special about this one, LOL. I didn't even know New Zealand had the Kingfisher !!. So wrapped up in macro and now another world opens up.

So the first decent shot of a Kingfisher and yes NZ does have them

All the very best folks.


m4/3 Birds and legacy teles. Still learning.

m4/3 macro

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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