Nex Lensoholics Anonymous... Anyone?

Started Jan 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: How about the other way 'round: a lensaholic who bought a NEX?

Are you saying that you actually own 38 different 50-60mm lenses ?
We are not in the same league then ! That is some kind of addiction for sureā€¦

Speaking of addiction, one thing i find very addictive is that the lenses i like best are rarely the one i previously thought i would. For instance, i find my zuiko 2.8/28mm much better than the 24mm, or the zuiko 5/100-200mm better than the 75-150, and almost as good as the 3.5/135 prime, the zuiko 1.8/50mm better than the konica 1.8/40mm. That is what keeps me buying lenses : the fact that sometimes i can find an hidden gem somewhere.

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