my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

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Re: my thoughts on Leica lens and camera bodies

Hi MonoBlocks
the whole point of using a rangefinder is . . . erm . . . the rangefinder!

It's not bondage, it's freedom. It's airy and connects you with your subject. It's one of those things which is a pleasure to use, allowing you to see around the frame as well as within it, engagement and participation.

I actually really like using my NEX, and I agree with you that focus peaking is a wonderful new development in still cameras - a different, exciting and innovative way of using manual focus legacy lenses.

But why throw out the baby with the bathwater? Shooting an M is a fantastic way of shooting - It'd be tragic to see anything else replace it - sure - have the other things as well.

monoblocks wrote:

The price of lens will go up but price of camera body will come off as their sensors will be outdated. Besides, their range finder focusing system have lost itheir magic.

As the range finder bondage is being eroded gradually, I think it is time for Leica to rethink their strategy. Of course they might still survive on a niche market with collector and big spenders, but they will be marginalized. As a Leica fan, I would really want to see the company landing on some long term strategy and let its lens and camera body technologies to shine again and within reach for those who love perfection.

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