sharpest aperture nikon 18-105 ED VR

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Re: sharpest aperture nikon 18-105 ED VR

Most, if not all, lenses have a sweet spot in or around a particular aperture setting. For me, I find the 18-105 is sharp from wide open (f/3/5-f/5.6 depending on the focal length). If you look very (unreasonably) closely, mine is sharpest at about f/8. I'd assume that most copies are like mine, so yours is probable sharpest at or around f/8.

Don't get too hung up on shooting at the sharpest aperture. Technique makes a much bigger difference in the sharpness of an image.

tarandenis wrote:

hey guys
what is the sharpest aperture of the Nikon 18-105 ED VR lens?

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