Lightroom 3 Import/Rename Help for Newbie

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Lightroom 3 Import/Rename Help for Newbie


I am a enthusiast hobby photographer looking to get more out of my photos and start to work with Lightroom. I have Lightroom 3 installed on my iMac.

I have been reading articles and watching videos about setting up lightroom and your catalog and settings and photo organization. I have a much better understanding overall of the process but a bit confused on the 'Importing' and renaming and if I can do what I am imaging.

My workflow right now is

Shoot on Eye-Fi = jpg + RAW
Insert card -

jpgs gets auto imported into iPhoto
RAW get auto imported into date based folders inside PHOTO> 2012 on root of HD

So basically by the time I open LR - the files are already imported into a location on my HD and just not into LR.

So what Im not 100% clear on is can I still use the file rename function on import in LR to rename these original files? Or is that only apply when I am first using LR to do the IMPORT from a card/camera to a computer? Because as I also understand this import into LR - if I am not copying or moving is only importing into the LR database.

Thanks for any assistance or clarification. Maybe I am over complicating this? I just want to make sure I have a decent workflow and folder structure before I begin importing and learning to work with LR.

warning: I enjoy photographing my cats

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