From Nikon DSLR to u4/3 - opinions, experiences?

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Re: From Nikon DSLR to u4/3 - opinions, experiences?

12 and 45 primes very nice. New 12-50 coming, wide enough? I like the 7-14, but that is not cheap.

G series cameras a bit dull I find, but with same IQ in RAW (at sane ISOs) as my D3, and hence your D7000 (IMHO). Oly camera much nicer, but sensor aged. Take your pick.

2005magnum wrote:

Interesting post. I have had similar experience and thoughts. However, I know without a doubt that I would sincerely regret selling my Nikon gear. I am (now) a semi pro, shooting vacation rental properties for the web. Even if it were just a hobby, I would not want to give up my D7000, D5100 and multiple lenses.

I also have several high end compacts and although they produce reasonably decent images, they are just not quite up to my expectations. I had thought about the Sony NEX system, but other then the 16mm lens, the other lenses just seem to make the camera look like a thin brick with a large protruding object. I thought about the G3 (and have not eliminated from my list) but although lighter and smaller then the Nikons, ergonomically, it seems to be the same and I have always been an advocate of the old adage that "variety is the spice of life". I like the idea that Olympus has built in image stabilization and Olympus seems to have a better reputation then the other camera companies regarding jpeg imaging. I will probably buy the EPL2 with the basic lens and add an adapter for Nikon G lenses. I may buy one or 2 primes and perhaps the 40-150. It would be nice if Oly or Panasonic had a reasonably priced wide zoom dedicated to the micro 4/3 system. Any recommendations or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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