How many s100 owners have actually tested their lens?

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Re: How many s100 owners have actually tested their lens?

It all depends on what do you mean by testing.

Taking a few shots in various situations (e.g. indoor, outdoor, landscape, people, under bright sunlight, dark areas, object far away or nearby, wide, long zoom ... etc). Then yes, but that is what most people would do. Serious testing, then no.
If you feel happy with the results produced, put your heart at rest.

If there is anything seriously wrong, you would notice it. Return it immediately for another one.
If you do not notice anything seriously wrong, why bother.

Remember that S100, though very good, is a P&S camera. It would have its limitations.

David G Peterson wrote:

I'm a happy owner of an s100 but I have to agree with DPReview's tests of their s100's lenses at different focal lenght's and distances. My s100 is very sharp at all focal length's out to about 15 feet or so. At infinity mine is very sharp at 24mm and again at the long end but from 35 to 85 is less sharp...probably not noticeable unless viewed at 100% I haven't noticed any corner worse than the other and I think this performance is similar to a lot of kit lenses sold with DSLR's. If you're an s100 owner have you checked yours?

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