E-P3 vs. SB600 off camera

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Re: E-P3 vs. SB600 off camera

SB600 has no optical trigger built in. the SB600 will only work remotely with Nikon SLR cameras in iTTL mode without some additional equipment

you have 2 options and you can only trigger the flash in manual mode.

1 the lesser but cheaper option. you can get an optical trigger that attaches to the hotshoe of the flash and use the built in flash to trigger the remote. be careful that you get one that deals with any preflash that may occur.

2 a radio trigger (these are quite reasonable http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-detail.php?ID=255 )


Einmalumdiewelt wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am new to micro four thirds and new to Olympus. I recently sold my DSLR gear but kept the SB600, lightstand and umbrella.

How can I trigger an S600 remotely from the E-P3?

I am looking for a cheap option since I don' do a lot of flash.
Is there a way that the pop up flash could trigger the SB600?

Many thanks!

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