Capture Date Rules - Tempted but not quite

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Re: Capture Date Rules - Tempted but not quite

John of Brisbane wrote:

. . . I was just curious as to peoples thoughts with this rule.

I understand the "challenge" aspect to this rule, but taking any photo is a challenge to get it right and if hosts want "new" pictures, then a more verifiable method would be to put a "never been entered in another challenge" rule in place. This would be much easier to police and I believe achieves the same purpose.

I don't think the goal is to get pictures that haven't been seen before, but to get pictures taken in response to the challenge. Another aspect to the capture date rules is that it puts new and seasoned photographers on more equal footing in the challenge. Someone new to the hobby has the same window of opportunity to capture an image that exemplifies the theme as everyone else; they're not competing against other people's years or decades of archived photos.

As you say, though, enforcing such an entry criterion seems difficult to impossible to do. Perhaps that's one reason why so few challenges have this restriction. Looking at the announced challenges, only 5 of the 36 challenges have a capture date restriction.

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