Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

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Re: Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

CBEV Media wrote:

Any thoughts on the best IPS monitor for photo editing on a PC?

I looked at the DEll U2711 at around £600 but people have said the anti glare coating introduces noise on photos and isn't suitable.

Any others I should look at?

Also is it better to have one larger say 27" monitor, or two 2 smaller say 24" side by side in a dual screen setup?

best monitor? sure is NOT one of the dells.

nec or the like

but not in that best price range...should have maybe put header as best $600 or under photo monitor..... personally speaking i would look at the HP's instead of dell for same money.

D700 paired with 24-70 f2.8 and 70-200vr f2.8 along with an SB900 to brighten things up a bit....

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