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Thanks, "DJ"! Nice work!!

I do this as an on-the-side only buying gear as the business comes in--no plans to go into debt for this.

I'll check out the Manfrotto/Photoflex package you're using. Denny has a portable support system, 10' crossbar, for $ was on sale for $140 three weeks ago, but I wasn't ready to pull the trigger then. I don't have the room in our house--and really don't want our house to become a commercial destination, so whatever I buy will have to be portable.

A local friend who has specialized in portrait work just resumed a f/t job after a 2-year layoff, so she's unloading some extra gear--bought three nice-sized muslins (red, brownish, and bluish--don't want to get locked into a recognizable design/pattern yet) from her today for $100...a good start...I'll buy the backdrop supports shortly, whether your setup or from another vendor (leaning toward the Denny setup when it's on sale next time).

I just picked up two more Alien Bee B800's, along with two PLMs (the smallest size, as I recall), honeycomb grid set, and cybersync transmitter/receiver pair. I've been specializing in events, sports, and stage to date: 2012 will be my first year selling the portrait work as well. Should be fun!

Thanks for sharing your info/pix!

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Desert Jon wrote:


I just went through this same scenario with selecting a backdrop system and lighting for an in home studio.

I received alot of pointers and advice here on what to use, but when it was all said and done I got the Manfrotto 1004BAC stands and a Photoflex Pro System crossbar for the background support. I also went with two Einstein's with the Cybersync trigger system and two PLM umbrellas. I set up the studio in a temporary location the day after Christmas and got some nice photos of my daughter.

I am still playing around and will move the gear into its final location after all the Christmas decorations are taken down.

Also, I have about 12-15 backgrounds that I purchased from Backdrop Outlet. The pricing around Christmas was pretty good and when in Oceanside in November I visited their warehouse and went through their clearance room and found some absolute steals.

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