Sony A55 for my mother?

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Re: Sony A55 for my mother?

It's not age, it's attitude... I'm 70, almost 71, my husband is 79, almost 80. We both have cameras.

I tihnk it really is better if people buy their own cameras. I've seen too many children get too involved in their parents photography -- usually to the detriment of the photography or the relationship of the person to the camera.

What kind of photography does she like to do? Family or flowers or landscape or still lifes or portraits or... How techy is she? All of these cameras are pretty complicated so it is an advantage if you are around each other on a regular basis if you could share techniques. The A65, A35, A55, A77 are all similar enough for this. I don't mean complicated to use in a simple-minded way, but lots of options that may be useful for any particular person.

Without knowing anything about her, I would say go A55 or A35, depending on the features/price you want to spend. I think an EVF would is much easier to get the right exposure the first time so I would not go with a Canon. She might also enjoy all of the fun and useful features of these cameras, especially those that use multiple exposures. Ad in-camera stabilization is a big deal! especially for those of us allergic to tripods. She hasn't changed lenses before so you don't know how much she will hate that. I hate it so I always get a wide zoom that I can use as a standard lens and change only if I want really wide or really long zoom or something else specific.

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