Nikor 105 Vr Macro and 70-200 VR II comparison

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Re: Nikor 105 Vr Macro and 70-200 VR II comparison

anotherMike wrote:

What you are seeing matches my results as well.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of the 105/2.8 VR lens - oh, it has a boatload of contrast, but even stopped down in moderate distance (think studio), the 105/2 DC was sharper. I think they gave up some image quality performance in order to get VR in that lens, to be honest, and I've long since sold mine off. I think it's a very good lens, but frankly at the same time I consider it a "miss" amongst a series of "hits" in terms of Nikons recent "G" glass. The 85/1.4G, VR-II zoom, 60/2.8G, the two 1.4G fast wide primes are all better lenses than the 105/2.8G VR in my mind.

On the other hand, the 70-200 VR-II (and specifically the VR-II only) seems to have been designed for closer in to moderate distance performance. I was beyond shocked when, at studio distance (say 8 feet) tests the 70-200 at 105 was sharper than my 105/2 DC or my 85/1.4 AF-D, and since the 105/2 DC was sharper than the 105 VR at the same distance, it makes sense. In these close/moderate ranges, the VR-II is about as sharp as it gets in real world terms. So it doesn't surprise me at all what you're seeing.

Now - at macro distances, I'd think the 105/2.8VR should be able to hold it's own, but I don't shoot macro and haven't made the comparisons at those sorts of distances.

Very interesting. I would love to see a 105/2DC comparison. I found the 105 f2.8 to be as sharp as the 70-200 VRI on DX, but that equality may just be in the way I'm seeing. On DX the VRI is usually sharper than the VRII 70-200 f2.8 at the long end in the center. The reverse on the short side as the VRII version seems to lead.

Here's a comparison of the 70-200 VRI at 105mm with the 105 f2.8. Here the 70-200 seems to lead but I think it's more a reflection of how the light differed slightly. Both seem to work equally well in this specific situation. No PP other than the slight crop.

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