Is it all about gear?

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Why bother?


I know you're on a bit of a mission here, and respect your desire to keep this forum relative pure to its charter. And technically, posts asked strictly for an artistic evaluation of an image are not exactly what this forum is about. That said, we don't live in a black and white world, and while your intentions might be honorable, that mission will never succeed, and you'll end up coming off more as an unauthorized forum policeman than anything else. And, you have a lot more to offer here than that, for sure, given your talent as a photographer and knowledge of gear.

I've also been guilty of posting images for review, but usually with the intent of also getting comments on processing or other issues that might also relate to the camera. Sometimes, those are very difficult to separate from the artistic merits of a posted image as well. Frankly, I agree with those that say, if you don't like it... ignore it. Wasting a lot of energy trying to fight what is a major uphill battle may suit your own interests, but you'll never succeed in it, and will simply generate what this forum really doesn't need... which is more rancor. Frankly, I don't intend to stop posting images here once in a while unless I get a threatening note from the forum moderators... pretty unlikely IMHO.

I guess I see a few posts like this as inevitable, and not necessarily all that bad of a thing. If you want to continue to be a de facto forum cop, so be it. But, it's a fool's errand (just an expression -- please don't take personally).

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