Newbie question about Aperture Priority on A65

Started Jan 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thanks for the intro to photography, but the OP said his Canon did

If your pictures appear properly exposed, your shutter wasn't open "way too long"--at least given the aperture and ISO you were using. When using "Aperture," the aperture is given "priority," which means that you pick the aperture and the camera calculates the necessary shutter speed. If the one chosen seems too slow for your purposes, there are two ways you can adjust it--change the aperture or change the ISO--while remaining in aperture mode.

A quick example. Assume you have picked f/8, and are using ISO 200. When you meter a scene, the camera picks (hypothetically) 1/30th as the shutter speed. If you now change the aperture, by using the front dial, to f/4 (two stops), the camera will respond by changing the shutter speed to 1/125th. Or, if you want to stay at f/8, you can change the ISO to 800 and the camera will likewise respond by changing the shutter speed to 1/125th. (Or you can do both--changing the aperture to f/4 and the ISO to 800 will result in the camera selecting a shutter speed of 1/500th.)

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