A couple of terrible shots...

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A couple of terrible shots...

All this high ISO mania... I think people imagine that if they ditch their 4/3rds sensor and go buy something bigger they can suddenly magically shoot in the dark. Folks, you stand to get a couple of stops, if you buy a huge camera. Your eyes will hardly notice the difference in light. Really, two stops is nothing. And you can get those two stops perfectly well WITHOUT buying a huge, expensive camera you will never take with you anywhere, but with a simple, fast prime.

Me, I never used to use cameras for snapshots. I go out to take pictures, and if I'm snapping for facebook or friends I use a phone. Or I DID, the E-PM1 has changed that.

So here are some rubbish snaps in lousy light down the local bike club, OOC, bluetooth to phone, and the up to arsebook, from when I have downloaded them for you. That's the kind of way people look at snaps these days. The lens will be the 45 f1.8, where it isn't the 12 f2. And if I had lugged along my huge full frame camera and 50mm f1.4 etc, what would I have gained?

Taken by Nicky, of her husband. That's me behind, smoking and grinning. What more do you need?

You want action shots at low shutter speeds? Learn to catch people as the movement finishes. Nadine has just won at table football. You will note that although it is HER that is jumping about, she has been caught in mid air, about to come down, and is more or less frozen. Paul next to her, on the other hand, is just turning to see, and he is blurred. You want to freeze motion, what you need is timing, not ISO.

Ralph the DJ. Light is really lousy here.

Lula doing an impromptu set.

One where the D3 WOULD have helped. Sharon is not a Bike Bar sort of person, so to get a a shot of her I had to get behind her and call her name. It's an attractive shot, but Ive failed to freeze the head movement. Two more stops please.... So If I'd carried a camera the size and weight of two bricks instead of one the size of a packet of cigarettes I'd now have a better shot of Sharon in the bar. Whee, big, fat, hairy deal.

and that of course raises questions of how much anyone cares about quality anyway. One from New Years Eve. My hosts were pleased, and that's all that matters:

And now we done with the lousy low light photos, I'll get over to the Island and see about shooting some proper stuff.

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