Superzoom or Micro Four Thirds?

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Re: My $2.40 cents worth.

My priorities on selection of camera on travel

1.Smallest size DSLR such as Pentax Kx/KR/K5 with 18-250mm (carry only one lens option)(nikons/canons have bigger body and bigger lens)
2.Bridge super-zoom such as FZ150
3.P&S wide angles such as LX5 for landscape/macro/AVCHD video

and three sets of back up batteries and 16gb microsd with SD adaptor IN on ALL cameras during travel.

No four thirds for me (instead of having it I would go for smaller form factor DSLRs with better optics for the same price or less with a better output !)

The most important thing is you must have the most dynamic range lens on ALL the time.Yo do not have time to switch/change lens when once in a life time scenes/snaps are taking place every second and every second counts for even with the burst mode to get the perfect shots.These scenes cannot be repeated by chance alone.

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