Pentax K-r ... best in test once again

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Any camera can make money

awaldram wrote:

I'm sorry Barry I find it impossible to believe you are earning any part of your living from photography.

Nobody I know would trust their livelihood to a camera built to a low price for a consumer market.


I'm not a pro or anything, but, I've made some money from photography. And as the saying goes: "It's the Indian, not the arrow."

I'm a tennis fan, and on the forum that I frequent, we say, "Federer can beat us with a frying pan."

In the past I've earned money from using the lowly bridge camera like the KM A200 for advertising works. In the days of film I've used entry-level Nikon SLR with consumer-grade 28-85 for my client's corporate brochure cover page. And I've used the same Nikon for weddings and other big functions where I got paid too.

Recently I've done my client's product catalog photography with the K-r.

So, what's wrong with entry-levels?

And I don't "trash" my equipment, although I've accedentally dropped my K-r with the 55-300 from about half a meter and cracked the body, but the thing's still working great.

(PS: A major difference between "entry levels" during the film days and today's DSLR is that, in those days, with whatever camera you use, you get the SAME DR with the film you're using. How I wish we can choose a camera and choose a sensor like in the days ...)

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