anyone have a 60D and a Sony NEX5N

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Re: Yes... they are smaller and lighter

I've handled an NEX 5n but, I haven't played with a rebel. I shoot a 60D.

Jerry-astro wrote:

Yes, there most certainly is somewhat of a size advantage to these cameras vs. even compact DSLRs. If you haven't owned or used one, then I can see where you might have that misconception with respect to size. It's most certainly larger than a P&S, for sure, so if that is your expectation, then the NEX (or any mirrorless camera) could never measure up. However, in my wife's case, she downsized from a Rebel XT, and there is not doubt that the camera and lens is significantly smaller and lighter, particularly with the kit 18-55 lens. It's actually a pretty nice compromise between a compact P&S (with poorer IQ) and a larger DSLR (with similar IQ).

Far as use with a larger lens, she actually uses Sony's 18-200 for most of her shooting. Definitely a pretty decent size lens in comparison to the kit lens, but overall the camera+lens is still quite a bit lighter and more compact that the equivalent DSLR kit. Unfortunately, if you want to use significantly smaller lenses, then you must sacrifice IQ... fine if you're willing to make that tradeoff. We were not.

JonJT wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

All that said, the NEX series really is a credible alternative to a DSLR if you highly value the size advantage....

I'm not convinced that there really is a size advantage with the NEX series of cameras. The bodies are not that much smaller than the smallest SLR bodies and, the lenses are almost exactly the same size, if not larger. What size advantage is that?

And then, even worse yet, when you want to use the camera with a longer/faster lens, you are stuck with a gaming card-sized body and a large, heavy lens. Imagine putting a 70-200 f/2.8 on an NEX 5n.......

IMO, the smaller sensor mirrorless cameras carry the size advantage. the NEX series doesn't. Hopefully, when mirror boxes go the way of the dinosaur, the SLR form factor will remain.

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