Does anyone have a protector screen on P7100

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Re: Does anyone have a protector screen on P7100

One problem some people had with the P7000 was sticking lens protector blades. If you have anything in your pocket without realising it and it pushes against the lens guard blades it could mean a trip for your camera back to the factory. These built in lens protectors are convenient but in themselves very vulnerable.

Frank B wrote:

I do not use one and carry the P7100 in my jacket pr jeans/shorts front pocket. I have had it since the end of September and , so far, the LCD is fine. I do, when I remember, cup my hand over the LCD when I put it in or take it out of my pocket. My previous two compacts (a Panasonic LX3 and Sony HXV5) ended up with lots of scratches on the LCD. So far so good with my Nikon P7100.
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