replacement HVL-F7S, HVL-F20S & radio triggering - a sigh!

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Re: replacement HVL-F7S, HVL-F20S & radio triggering - a sigh!

cxsparc wrote:
blue_skies wrote:

I have been experimenting slave flashes, and can get them to sync up with either the pre- or main flash, but the results are always over exposed. Easier is to use Bulb mode and a manual flash. It works, but the room must remain dark.

Hi Henry, don't quite understand. I use the Yongnuo 560(?) both in Optical slave mode 2 and in Manual mode (the latter when triggering via optical-radio trigger). Putting it into manual mode and setting exposure is no problem.

Your method works, but you are solving the problem the same as I did - empirically.

My point, maybe poorly phrased, is that the TTL measurement should turn off the flash unit(s). That means, e.g. that you can use any aperture. As done by your or my approach, the flash is preset to a certain level, and you have to set ISO and aperture to match it.

I thought that some had gotten this to work. The problem, as I remember was that in TTL measurement, the lighting is measured during the pre-flash, and then applied to the main flash.

In Bulb mode, the lens is simply open at a certain ISO and aperture, and I can manually play with the flashes - position, lighting. Even multi exposure/flash (using diffusers).

But I spend very little energy here. Mostly bumped into it doing some macro photography, not portrait. .

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