7D Sharpness - disatissfied

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Re:Re: My Brief Experience...

photohack62 wrote:

It didn't take me long to figure out either something was terribly wrong with this camera or I was going to have to mess with it for hours and hours to get it to take sharp photos.

Now y'see , that's just a lot of crap.

Nobody here who gets sharp images from their 7D has to mess with it "for hours and hours": it takes me no longer to get silly sharp images from mine than it did to get sharp images from my 30D five years ago.

But if you're not prepared/able to use it as it is intended to be used maybe it's just too much camera for you .

And that would be saying something - it's an easy enough camera to do well with.

The clue might be in the title of your post - " brief experience" doubtless speaks volumes.

Nice first post, by the way - the writing style is very like that of one of the forum's existing 7D-bashing trolls...

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